Top Minnesota DWI Drunk Driving DUI Attorney Lawyer

Top Minnesota DWI Drunk Driving DUI Attorneys Lawyers

Avery L.E. Appelman

Appelman Law Firm

6465 Wayzata Blvd.

St. Louis Park MN 55426

1-800-DIAL-DWI (area codes 320, 507, 612, 651, 763, 952)



There is a simple reason that Avery Appelman is a Member of America's Top DUI & DWI Defense Attorneys TM:

They win Minnesota DWI and Drunk Driving Cases


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Minnesota DWI Laws are some of the toughest in the country. Quickly obtaining a Minnesota DUI attorney, a Minnesota DWI attorney, or a Minnesota Drunk Driving Lawyer to review your case is extremely important! Please complete a FREE CASE REVIEW and submit it as soon as possible, and we will have the Appelman Law Firm contact you immediately.

Because within as little as 10 days of your arrest you may automatically lose your drivers license and even your entire case by delaying your decision to hire an attorney, we strongly recommend that you complete a FREE CASE REVIEW immediately.

About Appelman Law Firm

As one of the largest criminal defense firms in Minnesota, we are dedicated to offering clients personal, compassionate and professional service with a significant amount of success.  Our decades of experience has created a substantial amount of knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the criminal justice system, as well as promoting a highly recognized reputation among other lawyers, judges and prosecutors.
Avery Appelman has been recognized as a SuperLawyer and a Rising Star by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine, Twin Cities Business Weekly and Law & Politics Magazine. The magazine surveys thousands of members of the Minnesota Bar Association and asks these attorneys: "if they have a criminal problem who would they turn to for help?" The Appelman Law Firm is rated amongst the top 5% of all vote getters. 
The Appelman Law Firm is dedicated to defending people charged with criminal offenses.  We understand how difficult being charged with a crime can be.  Clients experience anxiety, fear and confusion about the process, their rights and obligations. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day and are always eager to answer any questions our clients may have.

The criminal trial lawyers at the Appelman Law Firm are here and ready to act immediately on a client's behalf.  We realize that being arrested is not where most people want to be. Whether you need to get out of jail or a detoxification facility call us and we will do everything in our power to have you released from custody now.

Our attorneys are concerned not only with their clients' defense, but also the client as a person.  Whether a defense necessitates a forensic, medical or chemical expert, or if private investigations are required we work with only the top experts in these areas.  These professionals and our lawyers work hand in hand to create the best possible defense for your case.

Our lawyers litigate regularly in every county throughout Minnesota. We are familiar with state and local practice rules and will utilize our collective knowledge and experience as we relentlessly pursue our clients' objectives.

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Biography of AVERY L. E. APPELMAN

Avery Appelman is a criminal trial lawyer with the Minneapolis law firm of The Appelman Law Firm. Whether his clients are faced with DUI, narcotics, assault or murder, Mr. Appelman is committed to providing immediate, thorough and professional service to each and every client.  With many years of experience in criminal law, Mr. Appelman is able to utilize his knowledge to advocate for his clients in all areas of their lives affected by the criminal matter confronting them.

Mr. Appelman obtained his J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law and his B.A. in criminology from the University of Minnesota. He is affiliated with a number of philanthropic organizations including Jewish Children's and Family Services where he serves as an attorney in the Citizenship Advocacy Program. He is a member of the Minnesota and Hennepin County Bar Associations.

Mr. Appelman has been consistently been recognized by Law & Politics Magazine as a "Rising Star," (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003).  Mr. Appelman was recognized as a "SuperLawyer" by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine in 2004.

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