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Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County ?

If you've been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Los Angeles County, don't panic. The first thing you need to do is hire an experienced DUI attorney to handle your case.

Los Angeles DUI attorney Neil Shouse is an accomplished drunk driving defense lawyer and former LA DUI prosecutor. Having worked both sides of DUI cases in LA County, Neil Shouse leverages his insider knowledge to help clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their cases.

At America's Top DUI / DWI Attorneys, we handle DUI cases throughout Los Angeles County including Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Lancaster, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Pomona, Torrance, Van Nuys, West Covina and Whittier.

California DUI arrests result in both a criminal case and civil case with the DMV. We represent you in both proceedings. A California DUI arrest triggers an automatic license suspension, but you have 10 days to request a hearing to contest this suspension. Our attorneys can represent you at this hearing, and we may be able to save your driver's license from suspension or get you a restricted license so you can drive for work and school purposes.

DUI cases are far from open and shut. In fact, there are many ways to beat California DUI charges. Hiring an aggressive and knowledgeable Los Angeles DUI attorney can make all the difference in how much jail time if any you have to serve, whether or not you can continue to drive and what other penalties you are assessed.

At America's Top DUI/DWI Attorneys, we use a proactive approach with our DUI cases prevent charges from being filed, get charges dismissed or plea bargain for lesser charges. If your case goes to court, we use an arsenal of evidence to fight for an acquittal.

Call us at 1-800-DIAL-DUI for a free phone or office consultation. We will explain the DUI court process, and assess the prospects for successfully defending your case.


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