Arizona DUI Fines and Penalties

Arizona DUI Laws

Arizona DUI Fines & Sentencing

When faced with an Arizona DUI arrest and/or conviction, there are several issues to think about: Will you have to serve jail time? If so, for how long? Or is probation a possibility? What will you owe in fines? Will your license be suspended, and for how long? Will you have to go to a DUI school or do community service? Here are the basic laws regarding Arizona DUI fines and sentencing.

First Arizona DUI Offense:

Criminal Status: Class 1 misdemeanor. Aggravated DUI elevates criminal status to a felony. An aggravated DUI is a DUI (impaired, per se or extreme) that is committed: (1) on a suspended, revoked or canceled license; (2) a third DUI offense in 5 years; or (3) while a person under 15 is in the vehicle.

Jail: DUI: 1-10 days. Extreme DUI: 10-30 days. Aggravated DUI: Terms in prison vary depending on violation.

Arizona DUI Fines/Costs: Minimum $250 (plus $500 for the prison construction fund and $500 for the state general fund).

-Extreme DUI: Least $250 (plus $250 DUI assessment, $1,000 for the prison construction fund, and another $1000 for the state general fund)
-Aggravated DUI: Minimum $750 (plus $250 DUI assessment and $1,500 for the prison construction fund and $1,500 for the state general fund).

Jail costs: An 80% surcharge on the base fine is levied on each DUI offense.

Arizona License Suspension: DUI: 90 days. Extreme DUI: 1 year. If aggravated DUI, license revoked for 3 years.

Arizona Probation: DUI: Up to 5 years (informal, may not be supervised). Aggravated DUI: 10 years.

Vehicle Impound: Yes, for extreme DUI and aggravated DUI.